Q + A: Where did you get the idea for First Clue?

March 30, 2015 Blog No Comments
Kumu Hina and First Clue at Rush. Sebastopol Documentary Film Fesitval, 2015

I attended the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival this weekend where First Clue was shown alongside the terrific feature length film, Kuma Hina.

During the post-screening question and answer period someone from the audience asked me where I got the idea for First Clue. I often get asked this question and I think it’s because there is a natural curiosity and a sense of mystery about where ideas come. My answer is that I got the idea from my own life. It was an experience I had when I was 12 years old that I didn’t fully understand at the time but which took on significant meaning later. I think of it as the first dot in a long line of dots that could only be connected looking backwards, not when I was living them.

The idea to make a short film about first clues came from wondering if other people had similar experiences. What I am finding is that even though there is great variety in our actual experiences, first clues all have one thing in common. They are significant enough to make it into our long-term memory.

Here is a great playlist of eight TED talks exploring where ideas come from. Enjoy!