Portland Pride 2016

June 24, 2016 Blog No Comments

First Clue’s booth at Portland Pride last weekend was a tremendous success. The LGBTQ+ community in Portland lovingly embraced our project and shared over 400 First Clue stories with us. Storytellers ranged in age from five, all the way up to 90 years old. The stories were funny, heartwarming, exciting, and some, even a little scandalous.

The response people have when we share our concept is why we continue to grow the project. It’s all for that smile or laugh people have when they think back to an earlier time and remember their First Clue. The success at Portland Pride reminds us of the positive impact the project can have on people’s lives and how important it is to share it live at events like Pride. We want to grow and expand First Clue and welcome your suggestions on where we should go next. If you have an idea, drop us a line at: nate@firstclue.org

We will be posting First Clues from Portland Pride on all of our social media accounts. We hope you will check out First Clue across social media:

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