What was your
first clue that you
were lesbian, gay,
or queer?

First Clue is a new and empowering origin story to the LGBTQ narrative. It is about the small, private moments when you begin to discover who you are. Often positive and upbeat, first clues reveal that from our earliest intuitions we know and delight in who we are until we are taught not to by cultural influences.

I was 12 years old when I had my first clue. I was looking at pictures in TIME Magazine and came across an article about women in prison that included a word I didn’t know. I looked it up in the L volume of the World Book Encyclopedia and as I read the definition I got a warm feeling in my body and began to dream of one day visiting prison so I could meet the lesbians. Fortunately I was able to avoid a life of crime in order to meet lesbians but I never forgot that early memory and how it made me feel. Alive. Happy. Like myself.

Curious about other people’s first clue stories, I made a short film about them. Along the way I met folks all across the LGBTQ community who had funny, sweet and poignant stories to tell about becoming themselves so I created a place for us to share them with each other.

So, what was your first clue? I invite you to start (and share) your story here.



Thank you to the Bay Area Video Coalition and the WDS Foundation Scholarships for Real Life for their generous support of this project.